Thursday, April 24, 2008

AVG 8.0 Download

Yesterday, Grisoft announced that a new version of AVG Antivirus Free
would be released today, April 24, that was supposed to come with
several new functions beside the
ones already included in the application
The new AVG Free 8.0 is compatible withmost Windows versions, including here Windows 2000, Windows XP/x64Edition and Windows Vista/x64 Edition. Moreover, the application isavailable in a large set of languages including English, Dutch, French,German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Serbian and Spanish. Here are themain functions of the application, as published by Grisoft on theofficial page of the newly-released program:- Anti-Virus: protection against viruses, worms and trojans- Anti-Spyware: protection against spyware, adware and identity-theft- Anti-Rootkit: protection against hidden threats (rootkits)- Web Shield & LinkScanner: protection against malicious websitesWith the release of AVG Free 8.0, we are underscoring our belief thatall computer users, regardless of their computer usage needs, have theright to a safe and worry-free computing experience," says Karel Obluk,chief technology officer at AVG Technologies. "However, it is importantfor users to remember that AVG Free does not protect against the fullrange of today’s web-borne threats. For complete protection, usersshould consider AVG’s commercial products, which scan for and blockthreats before they can infect the computer or disrupt the userexperience."

Masturbation may prevent prostate cancer

Frequent masturbation may help men cut their risk of contracting
prostate cancer, Australian researchers have found. It is believed that
carcinogens may build up in the prostate if men do not ejaculate
regularly, BBC News reported on Wednesday. The researchers surveyed
more than 1,000 men who had developed prostate cancer, and 1,250 men
who had not. They found that men who had ejaculated the most between
the ages of 20 and 50 were the least likely to get cancer. Men who
ejaculated more than five times each week were a third less likely to
develop prostate cancer.

Sexual intercourse may not have the same effect because of the
higher risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease, which could
in turn raise the risk of cancer.
"Had we been able to remove ejaculations associated with sexual
intercourse, there should have been an even stronger protective effect
of ejaculations," Graham Giles of the Cancer Council Victoria, who led the researchers, said in the article.

The prostate produces a fluid that is incorporated into ejaculation,
which activates sperm and prevents them from sticking together. Studies
on animals have shown that carcinogens like 3-methylchloranthrene can
be harbored in the prostate. Frequent ejaculation encourages the
cancer-inducing fluids to "flush out." (The Advocate)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

First Post!!

Alright!! my first post!! :P I will try to update this everyday!!